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Rubberoom were part of the Chicago hip hop indie boom during the mid-90s. The group consisted of 3 MCs and 3 producers, 2 of which later regrouped as The Opus. “Body Snatch’n” was the first single to gain national attention for the group. It has since been a sought after, rare classic amongst those in the know.

“Body Snatch’n” is a clever metaphor about taking someone else’s girl. A slowed down jazz piano loop with cowbell percussion, gives this gritty boom bap beat a dark industrial vibe. The dark piano loop at times reverses back onto itself for a surreal effect. The remix, in contrast, mellows out the song with an Ahmad Jamal piano and bass loop.

The b-side, “Stacks of 45s” definitely sounds like it was recorded in an insane asylum. A driving 2 bar Miles Davis loop sets the frenetic pace atop subterranean drum patterns. A sense of urgency in the lyrics is highlighted by the distortion effect added on top of the vocals. This will have you bouncing off the walls.


A1 Bodysnatchin' (on the isle) original vocal - clean

A2 Bodysnatchin' (on the isle) original vocal

A3 Bodysnatchin' (on the isle) remix vocal - clean (echoes rmx)

B1 Bodysnatchin' (on the isle) original inst

B2 Bodysnatchin' (on the isle) remix inst

B3 Stacks of 45s - clean

B4 Stacks of 45s